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Elite Season 4 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Latest Info

Elite is a Spanish thriller Adolescent drama web TV series by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona for Netflix. It bases the narrative in Las Encinas, an elite fictional school, revolving around the relationship between three working-class teenage students enrolled at the elite school through a scholarship along with their wealthy classmates.

The series focuses on researching the concepts and themes associated with teen drama, also featuring more progressive issues and other facets to the cliches, such as many diverse sexual themes.

Release Date

Netflix had revived Elite because of the season 4 and season 5 in January 2020. The production for Elite Season 4 had already begun, and watching that the background of its releases, we can simply assume that the series will broadcast its fourth installment in 2021.

Though there have been no official announcements concerning the series as of now, so we can make any assumptions with a pinch of salt. The series is very likely to delay further on account of this coronavirus outbreak, so we’ll just have to wait to listen to any news that is confirmed.


Most begins from Elite season 3 have bid farewell to the show. It is confirmed that season 4 is to think of a brand new cast, with hardly any coming from your last seasons.

Good news first? Itzan Escamilla as Samu Miguel Bernadeau as Guzman, Aron Piper as Ander, Omar Shama as Omar, Claudia Salas as Rebeca and Georgina Amoros as Cayetana will return in Season 4. They seemed in the video announcement for this season, so we can be very happy about seeing them on our screens again.

However, as sad as it is, the remainder of the cast will not be returning.


Elite Season 3 quite much wrapped up with a neat resolution including all the privileged children getting their way. Carla finally escapes from her dad’s oppression, Nadia and Guzmán’s love takes a good jump, while Nadia and Lu head to New York together to pursue their scholarships. Omar and Ander finally get together after confronting many lows and try working on their relationship along with Anders therapy.


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