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Everything You Need To Know Fans About God Of War PS5

God of War is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and released by SIE. The platform in which it was seen was PlayStation 4. This video game series got great reviews from its fans. God of War was released on April 20th, 2018.

Well, Santa Monica hasn’t declared the official release date of God of War 5 yet.

God of War ps5, aka God of War, is one of the most highly anticipated games to come in the next generation alongside games like horizon zero dawn. So Kratos is returning to the screen. Ragueneau is coming to northern mythology. There have been many subtle hints about God of War 5. Kim Newman hinted that it feels good to be back at Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind God of War. It was posted on Twitter on January 10th, 2020.

Hints say that they brought out a unique theme for God of War 5. Eric Williams, the guy who built Kratos in the first game and was also the combat designer, is believed to be the director for God of War ps5.

At the end of God of War, ps4 at Reyes had an almost dream, but it felt real, and then we also see Kratos see Thor face, so this leads to Thor vs. Kratos. We also know that Odin is infuriated by what Kratos and the Tres did to his sons. The most significant theory out there after this will be that God of Thunder is coming after Kratos. What is expected to be seen in the next God of War is that Kratos and his son are crucial to ending a raga rock?

Some theories also predicted that race is real name is Ragnarok, which is interest in a little boy is the god killer himself or is he every immortal in the land wants him dead, which explains Krato’s attempt to train him for a fight. Other arguments suggest that Kratos himself is the living embodiment of Ragnarok.

For further details about God of War ps5, stay tuned!!!


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