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Everything You Should Know About Deadpool 3

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The Coronavirus crisis across the world has put Marvel Studios on the backfoot. The film’s production house was set to kick off the Marvel Cinematic Universe stage 4 with Black Widow summertime. But change the calendar to COVID-19, and they had to postpone their strategies. While MCU fans can’t wait to see the Scarlett Johansson starrer and hear more about other projects in the pipeline, it has been reported that Ryan Reynolds is busy working during the lockdown on Deadpool 3.

The Merc with a Mouth was roped into MCU after Fox deal and Disney. Last year, Reynolds saw Marvel Studios’ office hinting they had been discussing Deadpool 3. It’s now rumored that the Canadian celebrity wants the superhero to play a much larger part in MCU’s future.

The actor is reportedly worried that Deadpool tag can impact Wade Wilson’s standing in MCU In case a report by WeGotThisCovered is to be considered. Resources informed the international socket that Reynolds is”concerned” if Deadpool 3 is labeled R-rated from the House. Marvel might”confine him to his corner of the MCU to keep the character’s longer adult-orientated antics independent from the remainder of the family-friendly roster.”

The actor is allegedly”pushing” for Deadpool’s involvement in the broader scheme of things at MCU. He hopes that the character functions as a”major participant in the franchise, crossing over with all the other personalities and being a part of the significant event arcs,” the report states. Another report from the entertainment portal claims Kevin Feige wants Avengers: Endgame authors to pen Deadpool 3. It was hinted that Reynolds desired to deliver Paul Wernick and the OG authors Rhett Reese on board of Deadpool 3. However, individuals who have experience of coping with MCU to pen the script are wanted by Feige. He’s”seriously considering drafting” Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for its writing responsibilities.

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