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Evija EV Hypercar impacts all possible versions of the lotus

It’s likewise a blueprint to reaffirm the culture and personality of the brand.

Lotus may only be making 130 copies of his Evija all-electric hypercar. But the company insists that making profits and creating credibility is something more than an exercise. The upcoming halo platform will influence all potential Lotus models to follow. And it’s more critical than you may have attributed it to.

The Evija is like nothing that Lotus has ever achieved before. Its car wide knows for their outstanding handling. Which is typically a by-product of their low mass. However, the all-electric Evija is both faster. And more powerful than any vehicle in the company’s history-it has 2,000 horsepower and costs more than $2.1-million.

Autoblog talked about the Evija to the chief engineer of the sports car manufacturer. Matt Windle, and learned some fascinating things about it. Perhaps the key argument he made was that the model’s concept would inspire the look of future Lotus models. Which obviously would be electric.

He also states that much effort has been undertaken to maintain the weight down to around 3,700 pounds (1,680 kg). That’s certainly big for a Lotus but it’s also pretty good for an EV for a hybrid vehicle with a 70 kWh battery pack.

Windle claims this done due to the use of lightweight fabrics for the construction of the vehicle. Such as carbon fiber. He also cites the fact that clever packaging helped them to minimize mass even more. And his illustration to demonstrate how they use the section. On which the steering column is installed as a duct for the climate system.

Another important argument that Windle was keen to make was on the way the vehicle was handled. If you’re familiar with the Lotus name, then you know it’s second to none to the nimble handling of their sports cars.


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