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Finally Confirmed ‘Joker 2’ Release Date, Trailer, Story and All Latest INFORMATION

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The Joker movie received its highlight as soon as it released and gave a very positive response Joker has undergone a convenient dramatic experience, despite or possibly because of the wild discussion about the cruelty of the movie and its status in the modern pop culture . fans can also expect a Joker 2

Joker 2

The film revolved under the story of the failed comedian Arthur Fleck, an unstable loner pushed by circumstances and his fractured psyche into becoming Gotham’s most notorious criminal. It is the most exciting news that came in the reports these days that THE JOKER 2 is confirmed and officially in the works at Warner Bros . after all, it is the highest-grossing R-rated film over in the history. Philips will come as a director in discussion with Scott

Silver, who has been working on the movie.

“Here’s the real truth about a sequel,” Phillips said. “While Joaquin and I have talked about it, and while touring the world with Warner Bros executives… of course, we’re sitting at dinner, and they’re saying, ‘So, have you thought about..?’ But, talking about contracts, there’s not a contract for us to even write a sequel, we’ve never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will that happen? Again, I think the [Hollywood Reporter] article was anticipatory at best.”

Joker 2

Where it is becoming a sequel, it seems a bit ambiguous when, at the end of The Joker, Arthur was shot dead and completed his conversion into an opening villain. In the final scene, Arthur appears trapped in Arkham State Hospital, presumably after the police ended the rebellion that killed Gotham City. The last shot of the film was dancing in the hospital corridor, creating a red mark in its path.

As there is no announcement for the release date, which will be given. And the production houses after the hit of Joker now tied hands with Phoenix Sequel possibilities. One likely way fan might assume the sequel is to show Arthur’s connection with his likely orphaned step-brother, Bruce Wayne. However, it is just a fans idea, a rumor but nothing is confirmed

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