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Ford: 2030 Ford Mustang EV Looks Like a Proper Electric Future for an Iconic Car

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Ford calls the Mustang Mach-E as the future of exhilaration. But many of them think this new model does not make any sense.

And this is not because of its an electric SUV. But its an electric SUV that part of the iconic Matang family has brought us some of the world’s most loved muscle and pony cars.

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However, the Mustang Mach-E is already a thing. From this, it is pretty clear that EV is the direction that Ford may be using in the long term. Such as including for the Mustang EV lineup.

2030 Ford Mustang EV Designing

Whereas, graphics designer Lichen Zhang has come with a new set of renderings imagining a Mustang EV. It will look less like an SUV and more like a Mustang. The design study envisions a Mustang EV that may launch at some point in 2030. The spreadhead strategy of Ford EV’s that at the time should already be substantially more evolved than right now.

If we suppose electric muscle car that’s certainly a weird mix of words. So the 2030 Mustang EV has nothing to do with an SUV and this can be only a good thing. But on the other side, it looks more like a sportscar from some angles. But we are not sure about the direction that Mustang fans want to use in the long term.

Right now, the Mustang going all-electric is not different, especially with the Mach-E just around the corner.

So the renderings are claiming here that we still have 10 years to enjoy the iconic model in just the way we want it. But on the other side, it all depends on how Ford’s electric car strategy advances in the short term. Depending on all this, it may take many years until we see a Mustang that only uses an electric motor.

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