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Ford: Blue on Blue 1968 Ford Mustang GT Is a True California Special

In the world full of Mustang there a thing called California Special. However, shortened to CS, the moniker, as well as the modification, is applied to a very limited number of cars since the 1960s.

In American automotive history, the state of California always occupies a special for one or another reason. It is quick to adopt new ideas. As the state is one of the go-to places for testing whatever new thoughts cross the minds.

However, the muscle car began in the early 1960s. Cali was quick to jump the board, and also by the end of the decade, it was one of the biggest markets for such vehicles.

Ford especially favored here, where it sold about a fifth of the Thunderbirds and Mustang it made that decade.

These big market needed a special model. In the early 1960s, Ford introduces the California special version of the Mustang GT. It is called GT/CS and develop by the Shelby Automotive and a number of other partners.

Blue On Blue Mustang GT/CS

About Auction Of The Mustang GT/CS:

Styled uniquely for the California market, the Mustang GT/CS comes with special looks and unique body parts. Also with a 289ci i.e. 4.7-liter V8 engine. Whereas there also 390ci powered variants.

Only 4000  Mustang GT/CS made and the target was 5000. So that makes extremely rare and sought after. The rarer are the ones with 390ci V8 under the hood. Also having the one pop up on an auction block is not something that happens every day.

However, sitting on the lot of cars that suppose to sell at the Mecum auction in Houston, Texas in April. The event postponed with no new date announces yet.


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