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Ford: Ford Mustang E1 Rendering Is the Ultimate Electric Muscle Car

Here is a question that’s got on a lot of people’s minds nowadays: is there a future for muscle car once internal combustion engines are gone?

As we think of the same, people are likely afraid even to dream about such a scenario. Keeping everything aside what is going on their mantra will help. So the mantra is it’s not going to happen…it’s not going to happen…And just to be fair, they may be right. Until as far as their life is a concern.

The automotive industry has great inertia it needs to overcome before such magnitude happens. We are coming close to five years, and the only electric VW vehicles may still find on the road are the sub-par e-Golf and e-Up. As we all know things take time. So they also have a deep impact on finances. It is moving baby steps at the moment.

Ford Mustang E1 Rendering Is the Ultimate Electric Muscle Car

Ford Mustang E1: Price

However, the steps are getting more and more obvious. The company has stepped up its electrification lately is Ford. The American carmaker is now taking bookings for the Mustang Mach-E starting with the price of $43,895. It is the first bespoke electric vehicle and may describe as a tainting of the brand’s history considering the name choice.

Ford uses the name of the most iconic model. The Mustang to launch something opposite to the classic muscle car as diameters and opposite go. But on the other hand, Ford knew it will have to break the ice with the type of vehicle everyone seems to want nowadays as a mid-sized crossover.

Suppose for a second that it was muscle cars that people were craving for and the slightly obese vehicle which has no real purposes. We call them crossovers. According to this case, Ford may have chosen for something closer to the rendering by Tyler Kwon.


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