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Frontier Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Recent Updates

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Frontier is the brainchild of Rob and Peter Blackie. It is a historic drama that manages the fur trade prevalent. The series showcases the fur trade in Northern America’s saga. It follows our protagonist Declan Harp who is a part-Irish, part-Cree outlaw, who fights against the immoral and corrupt Hudson’s Bay Company because it had monopolized the fur trade.

It is a series, certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, this series’ star has garnered a lot of attention. The Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa plays the major role in Frontier. The show has done tremendously well and has abandoned the fans wanting more. And, the great news is, we might have obtained our hand on some leaked manufacturing details! So without further ado, lets dive right in!

Release Date:

Netflix had scheduled the season to be released in November 2019. However, due to some unavoidable difficulties, the release was delayed. But for the time being, the new rescheduled date is July 14, 2020. It will be released and streamed at Canada’s Discovery Channel weekly. This isn’t yet formally declared.

The Plot:

The series showcases the series of events which happened throughout the 18th century in Canada as a result of the North American fur trade. A half Cree, Declan Harp campaigns against the Hudson’s Bay Company’s monopoly. The outlaw increases his voice and also pulls the face of the Company that it participate in actions that are illegal too and is tainted.

Frontier Season 4

The season ended with a cliffhanger. Harp invades the organization’s trade and realizes the truth of O’Reilley. What will happen next in the fourth season remains uncertain?


Jason Momoa himself confirmed he had been in Vancouver and busy shooting for’Frontier,’ which confirms his part. Celebrities, including him that are potentially expected, are:

  • Landon Liboiron as Michael Smyth
  • Zoe Boyle as Grace Emberly
  • Jessica Matten as Sokanon
  • Shawn Doyle as Samuel Grant
  • Greg Bryk as Cobbs Pond

Alun Armstrong won’t return in the season since Harp has killed him in the season.


No trailer has been released for the upcoming season until now. But after hearing the facts of its release, we can anticipate the trailer.

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