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Future Man Season 3: Cast, Plot, Release Date and All You Need to Know

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The show ‘Future Man’ is an American comedy web series that follows a storyline in which josh Futterman (played by Josh Hutcherson) is a janitor who is given a task to save the world. Josh Futturman lives with his parents and is also a world-class ranked gamer who spends most of his time playing video games called “Biotic War”. He was told to save the world and prevent human extinction when some people from the future tell him that he is the savior of the world.

Future Man season 1 was aired on 14 November 2017 with 13 episodes and was able to get 82% critic ratings and 90% user ratings as per Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 was released on 11 January 2019 with 13 episodes and it received 100% critic ratings and 74% user ratings as per Rotten Tomatoes.

Future Man Season 3 Cast

In the third and last season of Future Man, we can expect to see its main cast. Josh Hutcherson will be playing Josh Futturman. Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson will be seen playing the roles Tiger and Wolf respectively. Sadistic Jailer Susan (played by Seth Rogen) will also be back in season 3 and Haley Joel Osment will be playing Stu Camillo.

Future Man Season 3 Plot

The Sci-Fi comedy series is hilarious and serious at the same time and the cast of this series has made it possible for the audience to connect to the storyline. As in season 1, josh Futterman goes on a mission to save the world in the future.

Season 2 ends with josh, tiger, and wolf being arrested and they encounter a jailer named Susan and now that they have become fugitives and are on the runaway while fixing the mess they have created.

Creators of the series have also revealed they plan to conclude the story in season 3 and they would be turning to ‘back to the future’ and the trio might also be seen interacting with historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Bruce Lee and many others.

Release date of Future Man Season 3

Future Man season 3 has been released on 3 April 2020 on Hulu. Season 3 will have eight episodes while the last two seasons have 13 episodes each.

Future Man season 1-3 is streaming on Hulu.


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