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Future Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline And Interesting Information Is Here

Time Travel has been the most common yet the most interesting concept that has been entertaining us for several years. Future man is one such interesting series that is based on this genre. Josh Hutcherson and Seth Rogen are in the lead roles of the show and are the one to time travel. First two seasons of the show performed really well and now the showmakers have so brought up a third season to it. Continue reading to get the details regarding Future Man season 3.

Release Date For Future Man season 3

The show has already released on the streaming service, Hulu on 3 April 2020. The first season of the show is also available on the platform since November 2017, when it released. It is created by Howard Overman, Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter. And even season 3 is performing well on the screens.

Who Are All In The Cast of Season 3?

The main cast of season 3 contains Josh Hutcherson playing the role of Josh Futturman, Derek Wilson playing the role of Wolf, Eliza Coupe is seen playing Tiger, Haley Joel Osment is seen as Dr. Stu Camilo, Gleane Headly appears in the third season playing Diane Futturman. In addition, Ed Begley Jr. Gabe Futturman and Seth Rogen have also returned to reprise their respective roles.

What Is The Storyline of Season 3?

In the beginning of season 3, we get to see Josh, Tiger and Wolf returning. They participated in the Decathlon game show. Not just this but these three take part in several other games. But their life is at risk in all these games. The theme of the third season is kept satirical. And these three characters also have to face punishments due to the wrong that they had done in season 2.

Now the future is in Josh’s hands. What will he decide for three of them??? Well, I won’t spoil the enjoyment of you watching the show by killing the suspense. But if you want some hints, you can watch the trailer that’s available on YouTube.


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