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Garry Rogers Motorsports moves out of Supercars.

There are words with the news people that Garry Rogers Motorsports have pulled themselves back from the Supercars Race beyond 2019. They have confirmed to hand back the two Racing Entitlements Contracts by the end of the season, and the team that couldn’t give a verdict for 2020 will face a deadline.

The position of GRM is a bit confusing because of its sponsor Boost Mobile’s ongoing feud with the Supercars over control components. Things didn’t end pretty well with the ultimatum at Bathurst this weekend, as the Boss Peter Adderton was refused to control upright demands and left no choice for them to give a guarantee of the comeback.

Rogers was found saying that he did plead for an extension in the deadline from the Supercars, but his words were not paid heed to. He mentioned that he had no financial gain from the events as he won money some years, while he lost the other years. It has been good to see him with his team out there, and it was his people with which he was working, made him love the supercar business.

He also said that the supercars had tried unsuccessfully to reduce the costs, but they had to work on making their house progress, and so, they did what they had to. This news has also led to a dilemma for the drivers Richie Stanaway and James Golding, about their plans.

Next year, we suppose to see 23 cars as the two positions left by the GRM has been taken up by Team 18, Brad Jones Racing and Tekno.
The history of GRM has been old with supercars as it had won in 2000 with two of its best ones.

Though rogers mentioned many of the highlights and took care to say that when Volvo went down, it was an end of an era and that they have not gone out of business. They are still in business. They have got their TCR program to build. So, they won’t think of the bloom and gloom as they had their phones ringing still and had a lot of work upcoming.


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