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General Motors to Come with Idea to Seize the EV Enthusiasm !!!

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We are seeing General Motors moving towards a provocative mode, just based on some predicament. This is what they have faced for years. And it is that the old school is now of no value, but the EVS are going to rule the market.

The idea to spin an EV from GM was in open words this week during the profit call. And CEO Mary Barra was very frank of it. He welcomed the idea and said, this idea was float in 2018 in the internal company executive.

AT present, they are looking for an idea to get credit for their EVS, but they are not well in position with a spin-off. The interior officers say that they are continuously getting invitations for investment in EVs. There is a whole lot of investors in the electric market, but they want to do it with electric companies and not the traditional legendary ones.
On the open, the GM officials go no beyond their CEO, on this matter of revelation.

They mention that every aspect is welcome, and nothing goes off the table. They are pondering over long term shareholder values. We shall be looking for the market after the investors went pouring into Tesla this year.

We are also keeping an eye on Nikola Corp, which proves to be an unproven EV startup but manages to get away with blank cheques from many of the companies.

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Furious Mad
Furious Mad
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