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Ghost Adventures: Quarantine: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And All The New Latest Information Here

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This season of Ghost Adventures is coming to a close, but there is much more to look forward to. As we all know, Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team never sleep. (Maybe due to ghosts, but more so since they’re always working on the next bit of amusement to spook us silly.) So, even during a period of quarantines, new content is being produced by the show’s creators.

You haven’t missed the Ghost Adventures season finale, however, and there is a completely new show to look forward to next month. Here Are What you Want to know about the Last Ghost Adventures episode of Season 23, and Ghost Adventures: Quarantine.

Release date

‘Ghost Adventures: Quarantine’ premieres Thursday, June 11, at 9|8c on Travel Channel.


Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

The fearless four quarantine themselves for a couple of weeks in Bagans’ famed’Haunted Museum’ at Las Vegas, all. The series is filmed from the guys, who attempt to catch any uncanny incidents whether dark energies that are on display from the museum can be impacted by the fear and find out. The museum has been closed on account of the pandemic while practicing social distancing guidelines and the team is going to be the first people to go to the museum in months. In a turn of events, Bagans will make the highly-anticipated move of opening the Dybbuk Box, a haunted thing that is thought to curse to investigate its energy that is sinister.

The foursome, that is devoid of the camera team spans an hour and shoots entirely each incident. They will analyze the regions and artifacts at the museum including the Devil’s Rocking Chair and Peggy the Doll. They will also deploy devices and some fresh tactics in their hunt for answers. The apprehension levels of the team will definitely spike, considering the power these malicious spirits may possess. “This is unquestionably the most intense investigation and all-inclusive experimentation we have ever done, considering the entire tone of performing a lockdown inside a pandemic lockdown… it’s as raw and terrifying because it gets,” Bagans said in a media release. “Stress gives entities electricity, and fear is now permeating our society on a scale that we have not experienced before. We’re currently witnessing the sum of spirit activity growth and we need to comprehend this unprecedented scenario affects matters on a supernatural level. This led us to finally open the Dybbuk Box — a moment that will live with me forever”


Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

An alumnus of the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, Zak Bagans moved to become a paranormal investigator and a filmmaker. He is also an author and a museum operator. He’s an empath that uses a scientific, spiritual, and emotional approach to confront spirits during an investigation. He’s said that he respects the afterlife and provokes entities in order to incite responses.

Aaron Goodwin is an equipment technician, camera operator, and co-investigator from the show. Before joining Bagans, he’d worked as a camera operator to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and several behind-the-scenes movie premiers in Las Vegas. Goodwin also possesses a clothing brand called’Big Steppin Clothing’. On the show, he left at hotspots and functions as a bait’ to lure in spirits amid an investigation.

Jay Wasley is a cinematographer, director, producer, and sound engineer that has been in the industry. He also joined the cast of’Ghost Adventures’ as their mixer in 2004 but eventually worked his way up to becoming one of the cinematographers as well as an investigator cast member.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

Billy Tolley started as a professional club DJ at Las Vegas and is well versed in sound and video tech. His interest in the paranormal began with electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). In the EVP mechanics, it enhanced his fascination with years of experience in creating music and having a strong comprehension of sound and he met Bagans, who made him a portion of the team. Tolley is now an investigator on the series.


We’ll update this space with the trailer for ghost Adventures: Quarantine’ soon.

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