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GM’s Cruise unit poaching Zoox engineers, Report says.

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According to a report, Cruise is trying to poach engineers from rival Zoox Inc. This view is put forward because of an email sent to Zoox engineers by the Cruise founder this week. And this move is triggered as we hear Amazon.com Inc is on talks to buy Zoox. Zoox is a company founded six years ago and is based in Silicon Valley. The email goes on like this- Cruise is willing to offer recognization to the hard work and rewards you earn at Zoox, something which this environment doesn’t offer. This email was sent from Cruise founder Kyle Vogt in the past two days. This is not seen yet by any Reuters.

According to Cruise Chief Communication Officer Kristine Boyden, this email was sent to many other workers. The motive was to offer recognization to any talents, no regard to wherever they are working or whatever they are working on. But the person who saw the mail declined the presence of Amazon.com in the mail, but said it goes because the company is going through a major transition. There was no immediate reply from Zoox on this mail to its employees from Cruise. There were 87 employs laid off in April. The person also claims that Cruise has been doubling down on recruiting talents for the core part technology. And it is also confirmed that Cruise took in a German Radar company Astyx with 60 employees in April. There are many engineers hired this year for the self-driving technology firm Starsky Robotics.




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