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Go Green for Pixar Motorama as it becomes Moto Expo

Pixar has found itself entertaining us with its car shows held every year since 2001.

Pixar, the studio, has brought to us car franchise with all four-wheeled characters and a moral of the lesson type movie shows. The employee show-n-shine elaborated itself within the years as a result of proper guidance by the Pixar’s official car guy Jay Ward and several enthusiastic volunteers. So, the past saw several supercars galore, historical as well as a classic from the design studios and private collection.

A couple of cars sent by Jay Leno and there were participants like Steve Moal, Bruce Canepa, Bruce Meyer within the collector car world. We always aw manufacturers find it difficult for a spot in front of Steve Jobs building. It is the permanent residence of Pixar’s giant ball and Lamp. They carved for a dream to sponsor their one of the model cars in the next Cars movie I think. But, this is not what happened at the show.

Taking an absurd turn, the world’s most exceptional concepts and supercars got replaced by the green fleet of vehicles which could deal in environmentally-friendly transportation. The GM sent for the 1996 Original Electrovan, the world’s first fuel cell vehicle.

Toyota threw its Tundra Pie Pro on the desk. It was a hydrogen fuel cell-powered pickup that got the debut on the SEMA Show.

Harley Davidson brought with itself, the Livewire demo unit showing a glimpse of electric future of Harley with full of comfort and safety of the Dodge Sprinter Van stealing the show. Jay Leno brought back the 1974 Dutcher, the Steam-powered bull.

You may be wondering about the sudden change.

No official connection with the departure of John Lasseter, the Pixar’s Creative officer and a great enthusiast. Jay Ward clearly stated that he wanted himself and the company to do be themselves. They had to bring something for their show which would be completely new. They wanted things to be mixed up.

They could see a lot of electric in the parking and couldn’t just make their show a parking lot. No! not the usual Model Ss, Model 3s, Leafs, Pruises anymore.

They like it when they get comfortable after building so big and then give it a stop. Go after the cleansing process and create another one big. That’s what could be the reason for not being so dull. They wanted the future prototype, unique orders and special one-offs.

That roped in the ICON 4X4, the 1949 Mercury sports, a retro refitted for the modern electric powertrain, the 1974 Dutcher, the Chevrolet Vega because of the Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company’s steamed engine.

Also, a Toyota Mirai 2019 showed up at Pixar, which was a contemporary fuel cell vehicle.


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