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God of War Season 5: About, Release Date, Updates And Some New Information For You!!!

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We all enjoy playing games, don’t we? Video games take us into a virtual world that was not known to any people except the game’s developers. God of War is a game that engages you so much with its content that you want to play with it all day and night. The latest sequel of the game, God of War, released on April 20, 2018, for PS4 (PlayStation 4) users.

God of War has been ranked among the best video games ever made on PS2 its first version in 2005 and has been praised by critics. It is also among those matches on PS4 of time.

God of War Season 5 Release Date

The programmers are now taking the game. The developers have confirmed this god of war season 5’s release.

Gamers won’t need to wait long for the release of God of War 5. Although, there’s been no official announcement from the firms concerning the release date. The company will release an official report. Additionally, there’s a likelihood that the match might get released on PlayStation 5, which is rumoured to be outside by 2021.

This series game’s director,’Cory Barlog’ stated that it wouldn’t take them over 4 to 5 season to develop season 5 of the match. So, players can expect season 5 to be released anytime round 2022.

God of War Season 5: Upgrades

Yes, the whole gaming society is expecting a lot from season 5 of this game. There might be new weapons, or we may get introduced into a set of games in the game.

We will have to wait for Sony to release an announcement for the game’s release.

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