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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Will Season 17 be the last for GREY’s anatomy?

The romance triangle that season 17 of Grey’s anatomy will bring has caught the attention of lovers. Can Meredith have to select between Cormac and DeLuca Hayes?

Meredith has been involved with DeLuca for a while now, but issues have been complicated by season 16 with Cormac Hayes’ advent.

Krista Vernoff, the showrunner, has claimed that she does not know who to root for. She says that DeLuca might rise to be a mature partner for Meredith, or Hayes may prove a partner since he has been made knowledgeable owing to each of his experiences.

In using a problem in the 14, the showrunner has expressed her delight.After things got worse with all the Covid-19 pandemic 16, the season has turned into a halt.

The showrunner has also acknowledged that what had been written for the show has had an unintended effect on the portrayal. The screenplay has interpreted to display differently by various celebrities due to the interpretations.

For this reason, the showrunner has confessed that she has no idea how the series will end. DeLuca will continue his job as Meredith’s love interest in the next season too.

Hayes, on the other hand, ha joined the show last season. He’d lost his wife to cancer, which made him one dad with two kids to look after. His past aligns with that of Meredith, as she had also lost a lover in the past who has left behind their kids for her to look after. This commonality might bring them.

What will happen will be made clear. Fans will have to wait it out to figure out that wins Meredith’s heart.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently streaming on Netflix. As we wait patiently for the year, it’s time today to catch up on old episodes or consider rewatching your favorite events to refresh your memory.

We neither have a trailer nor a launch date for the new season. Keep checking in for more updates!


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