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Hollywood Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

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Hollywood is an American drama series created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brenan. It’s a Netflix original series.

The show revolves around a group of aspiring actors a filmmakers throughout Hollywood’s golden age in the post-world warfare two eras hoping to make their dream come true.

Season 1 of the series was based on 1st May 2020, on Netflix and has been a huge hit worldwide.

Release Date

As of the moment, there is not any official announcement made about the release of the series.

Since Season 1 of this series premiered in May 2020. We can anticipate Season 2 to launch following a year, I.e. sometime in May 2021.

As it’s the general belief followed by Netflix to launch the following season after committing a gap of one year.


The manufacturers haven’t renewed the series for its second season nonetheless. The show was likely to be standalone without any sequel following it.

But viewing the massive success of this year, the enthusiasts have been speculating that their manufacturers will make a Season 2 of the set.

But on the flip side, the manufacturers have been keeping a substantial silence concerning this whole Season 2 debacle.

As a result of this continuing global Pandemic, all the jobs are on hold. So if not the manufacturers are willing to make a calendar year 2 that we will just come to understand when this virus situation comes under control.

So until lockdown ends, we’ve got no replies about some details for Season 2 of the series.


We are aware that the series was supposed to be standalone with no sequels tailing behind it.

So obviously the very first year left us without cliffhangers and has been wrapped up well. Hence the upcoming season will have a new plotline with new brand characters running the series.

Also, in the upcoming season, we expect the narrative to set up in an entirely different timeline.


Ever since Season 2 of the show hasn’t gone into production, therefore there are no trailers available for the series.

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