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Honda Introducing the new electric replica – Outlaw S800 Coupe


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Honda to launch the rebuilt model of its first-ever production car – ‘Outlaw’ S800 Coupe in the SEMA show 2019.

This exciting design resembling the former cars of the millennium attracted considerable attention to the automobile industry.

  • Actor and producer Daniel Wu have built the Outlaw-style S800 Coupe. His verdicts will no doubt have a mixed opinion on the Internet.

This car is a completely rebuilt version of the old classic S800. The new Outlaw comes with the high-revving engine, with the new exhaust system. The Outlaw features the body tool kit with the massive wheel archers and a spoiler.

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The wheels annoy with the standard S800 steelies, wrapped up with the Toyo rubber. This custom two-door built by Daniel Wu (“Tomb Raider”), is to be released on the 60th anniversary of launching in the U.S. Honda wants to remind us that its dedication to automotive enthusiasts stretches back well before the current obsession with trucks and sport utility vehicles. So it will embrace its small-car roots and add some motorcycles from its Power sports division next week at SEMA.

The outdated version of this car has created an emerging trend in the automobile industry.

The new outlaw employs the 70-horsepower, 791-cc straight-four engine wholly rebuilt with  GReddy exhaust with pipes exiting from the middle of the car.

The vehicle custom toolkit copes up with the present automated trends. The kit includes the fender flares that broaden the stance by about 4 inches, a custom air dam, and a suspension kit that lowers it by 2 inches.

The suspension toolkit fetches you with the best comfort. The performance further endures with the widened stock steel wheels and Toyo tires. The interior comes with the red leather wrapping up to the steering wheel.

Honda embraces its small-car roots and adds some motorcycles from its Power sports division next week at SEMA.

Honda is also to launch the Civic Si updated versions. There will be several 1972 N600 hatchback powered by an 800-cc V4 motorcycle engine on its 60th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Honda Power sports gives you a glimpse of a racing version of its Talon side-by-side off-roader and four motorcycles, including a City Slicker Super Cub.





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