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How The Royal Enfield Bullet 360 BS6 goes against The Classic 350 BS6!

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How The Royal Enfield Billet 360 BS6 goes against The Classic 350 BS6
Though you may not be able to make a clear difference between these two, they are different in their Audiences. The Bullet has been long in the market, but it is still long for both. The fact about the arrival of Classic was an alternative lifestyle. no doubt they do share the same motor.

Let us begin with the fab designs. The first glace and they are the same. Both the BS6 motorbikes have the same round headlamps, but, the Classic BS6 is a more polished design. Going to the rear mudguard, the Bullet has a squared, blacked-out item. While the BS^ Classic has a rounded and colored mudguard. Along with this, the BS6 Classic comes with a chrome headlamp visor and oval battery box. Then we go for the color. While the Bullet gives an option for seven color schemes, the Classic BS6 gives you a variety of nine shades. AND as earlier said, they do have the same power driving unit. Also, both have the same 5-speed gearbox.

When we talk about the underpinnings, both the motorbikes possess the same frame and 35mm telescopic front fork. But, the more premium Classic 350 BS6 goes with the twin gas-charged shock absorbers. Also, the more expensive Classic 350 BS6 comes with 18-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tires in comparison to the Bullet 350 BS6, which has 19-inch spoked wheels with tubed tires. Both the bikes have the same 280 mm front disc bikes. The base Classic 350 BS6 and Bullet 350 BS6 get a 153mm rear drum brake and single-channel ABS whereas the top-spec Classic 350 BS6 gets a 240mm rear disc and dual-channel ABS setup.

Coming to the verdict of the facts, The Bullet 350 remains the basic and pure of the Royal Enfields, but on performance, though the engines are the same, there are not many liveries as for the Classic 350 BS6. Also, the latter is easier and safer with the dual-channel ABS variant.

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