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Husqvarna Vitpilen: The New perspective of Urban Motorcycle.

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Husqvarna is back again, with even a bigger blast this time. The previous versions of Husqvarna Vitpilen had given head to head tough competition to many of the sports utility motorbikes in the respective price segment. To continue it’s legacy, Husqvarna is back again with the new Vitpilen 401. Carrying the tradition, the new model follows the same path of it’s predecessors and continues the same legacy of naked bikes. The new model is carved from a single body panel which running from the tank to tail. The frame seems similar to KTM Duke 390 and also some of the components like engine and brakes seems to be quite matching with KTM Duke 390.

The motorbike is powered by 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine producing maximum power of 43 Bhp (expected) and a maximum torque of 35Nm (expected). Other numerical specification of the engine are defined as: 373.2 cc maximum displacement, 89mm of bore and 60mm of stroke. The engine is mated with a 6 speed automatic gear-box. The engine management is done by Bosch engine management system(EMS). Clutch system is a wet multi-clutched, mechanically actuated system.

Considering the braking, the model is equipped with a Bosch 9.1 MB Dual channel ABS, with disc braked on both front(320mm disc) and rear(230mm disc).  The new Vitpilen sports a unique spoke wheel arrangement giving it a perfect retro and classical look. To protect the driver from shocks the new Vitpilen houses a 43mm upside-down forks(USD) front suspension and mono-shocker as the rear suspension.

The new version is claimed to be much more accurate and crafted to attain detailed perfection from it’s predecessor. The new model is expected to make much better looks as well as support a solid build quality. The new Husqvarna Vitpilen is expected to house a much more efficient and powerful engine than it’s predecessors. According to recent reports the company claims to build a more efficient braking system ever introduced in Husqvarna motorbike this time. The Motorbike is expected to launch very soon in India and is rumoured to be price tagged at 2.5 lakhs to 3.2 lakhs (Ex. showroom Price). The bike will be available only in petrol variant. It is expected to be give a tough competition to BMW series motorbike and other motorcycles in this price segment.

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