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Hyundai i30 N to get more power and eight-speed auto next generation but not until 2021

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Hyundai’s i30 N hot hatch is all set to get a power bump and a high-performance eight-speed automatic before this generation was commissioned.

A senior company official has also confirmed that the Hyundai i30 N has been so successful that it is already working on the next generation.

Meanwhile, the current Hyundai i30 N has about three years left to run.

The option for the eight-speed automatic has initially been due later this year or early 2020 but now appears to have been delayed even further by 2021.

Albert Burman, former head of BMW M, who heads research and development for Hyundai and its Performance N division, told Car Advice at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show at night: “It is coming next year. Australia may be in early 2021, but we are working on an eight-speed wet dual-clutch transmission that runs in that car. ”

Asked if Australia would get a lighter limited edition Hyundai i30 N to be introduced overseas, Mr Burman said: “We did a special edition only for Germany and the UK, I don’t know if he goes to Australia, Maybe not “.

However, Mr Bearman said the eight-speed auto would change the i30 N’s performance to a new level when the new model (pictured above in disguise) arrives sometime in 2020.

“When the eight-speed wet double-clutch arrives, we’ll crank a little more power out of it,” he said. “When we add the double-clutch transmission, which will have a strong impact on the i30 N, as it is not a normal automatic transmission, it is something extraordinary.”

When asked about further chassis improvements – beyond what was introduced on the i30 N fastback and what’s coming on the updated i30 N hatchback later this year – Mr Burman said: “I don’t think it has Something needs to be done chassis “.The good news for Hyundai i30N fans – or anyone to save – is that the model will continue in the next generation due to about 2023.

“There will definitely be a next (generation) i30N,” Mr Burman said. “I can’t tell you when and what it will be, but of course we’re already working on (and) the concepts on it.”

The executive indicated that the next-generation Hyundai i30 N might have hybrid power or some kind of power support.

“You’ve heard a lot about electrification (in press conferences) and if you look at what’s going on with electric cars – almost race cars – you can expect a lot of interesting things to come,” Mr Burman he said.

When explicitly asked about the next hybrid version of the Hyundai i30N, Mr Burman said: “We have all kinds of concepts, and as you know we have everything available in Hyundai: lightweight Hybrid, plug-in, battery, fuel cell, so we will find out something.”

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