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If I Stay Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know !!!

If I Stay, Season is a television series based on young adults’ fiction and romance stories.

It’s a story about Mia, her father, mother, and her younger brother named Teddy.

Because of the massive popularity and positive response decided to launch the next sequel.

It will expect to release as soon as earlier possible.

The plot of the second sequel

If I Stay series revolves around the story of Mia as a teenager who has an out-of-body encounter.

Then she lives along with her lover and suddenly gets in an accident.

After the accident, Mia faces broken up with Adam. The film’s sequel will continue in the next season.

She decided to go for a morning drive after that snow stopped their car to swerve into another lane where a vehicle crashes that causes severe injuries for the entire family.

But after the accident, she awakens found the bodies of her mother and father have died from the crash.

She realizes having an out of body experience that takes her physical body to the hospital.

And She found her family rushing to take care of her while her best friend was struggling to reach the hospital earlier.

Her best friend Kim and boyfriend Adam reached the hospital at that time.

Because her boyfriend was staying at the hospital, which her relationship with more positively with Adam.

And the story continued.

The cast of the second season of If I Stay

Mia Hall acts as the role of teenagers.

Kim Schein acts as Mia’s best friend.

Teddy Hall acts as Mia’s younger brother.

Adam Wilde acts as Mia Hall’s boyfriend.

Denny Hall acts as Mia’s father.

Kat Hall acts as Mia’s mother.

And many others.

Release date of the If I Stay Season 2

It will expect to release until the end of 2020.

But unfortunately due to the pandemic situation,

Its release will be extended to mid-2021 because of shooting stopped.


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