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If you give it another chance, will you still buy a Mercedes C-Class?

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“If you do it again, would you still buy a Mercedes C-Class?”

When Brother K asked the company’s sister about this question, she obviously hesitated:

“I should still buy it, but now I have no choice …”

Today’s protagonist is the Mercedes-Benz C260L Sports Edition-

For this car, I know there must be many owners in the background or owners who want to vomit.

Do n’t worry, let ’s hear what this girl who majored in nuclear physics says about ~

— “Is it started?”

–“It has started!”

(I refer to Mercedes-Benz C260L owners below)

A total of 19 models were purchased at the end of April 19, and 348,000 landed.

At that time, my mother gave me a budget of 30-40, let me see it myself. . . ?

How could I be a girl?

Brother K: That ’s great. I ’ll definitely buy the MINI when I see the first car.

So I asked a friend around me and chose a car of interest: BMW X3, so I ran for a test drive.

After testing the car, I found that it was not good. The interior score was too bad for me, and the SUV was really too big. I tried the X5 again and said it was like driverless. . . So I said goodbye to the SUV.

There are fewer choices for cars. Audi has one at home and excludes it; BMW’s new 3 Series has to wait until July and doesn’t want to wait; Tesla 3 has been thinking about it for a long time, but everyone around me advised me not to buy it-okay I didn’t buy it at that time.

Then there is only Mercedes. After a round of test drive, I decided to buy the C260L. It didn’t take much time.

The most satisfying point is that the interior is really good-

The most dissatisfied point is that everyone besides me seems not so satisfied?

Brother K: I’ll tell you why everyone is so dissatisfied.

I always thought that I was not a stupid person, but Mercedes’s blockade made me doubt myself again and again-because driving other people’s cars sometimes really drives the wiper first! The wiper is turned on in reverse!

It was very embarrassing. . .

But blocking is also good. Sometimes the door on the side of the main driver cannot be opened and you can climb up to the co-driver. You will find that it is not convenient to climb up without that gear.

I do n’t love cars very much, and I do n’t have any special feelings. It ’s just good to drive—and I hate driving! So there is no particularly strong will to say what to buy.

However, there are some favorite cars, and the Porsche 911 is quite like

As a Mercedes-Benz owner, Brother K’s evaluation of this 2019 modified C260L is similar to his own car- embroidered pillows, but there is one more: flashy.

The 1.5T + 48V power system replaces the original 2.0T low-power version. The maximum power of the engine remains the same, but the tail has been upgraded from 200 to 260. At first glance, it is quite bluffing. People who are not sensitive to the replacement will think you Bought a top match.

This micro-hybrid system has a maximum power of 184 horsepower (6100rpm) and a peak torque of 280Nm. Compared with the 2.0T medium-power version of the old 260 with a maximum power of 211 horsepower (5500rpm) and a peak torque of 350Nm, the new model is not only less powerful, but Peak torque is also low.

In terms of parameters, it seems that even the old 200 can’t compare, and I’m completely sorry for the 260 tail. . .

No wonder some people say that this micro-hybrid system is completely a “test product” because Europe will not allow the sale of pure fuel vehicles, what should we do? Add a set of motors!

So how does it feel to drive?

First of all, after adding the motor, the automatic start and stop are very smooth, the engine restart is very smooth, and it has a Mercedes-Benz flavor.

And the steering wheel still has steering assistance during start and stop. This is very good because if the next door is remembered correctly, the start and stop will cut off the steering assistance.

The suspension feels good, the normal bumps and vibration filtering are all levels that Mercedes should have.

Then I was going to vomit, the engine noise broke through the sky, and the low speed was also obvious. The key is that you can make a nice sound with a 1.5T engine. . . And I do n’t know if it ’s the cause of this car or all the C260L are the same. I can always hear the sound of the motor faintly when I step on the throttle? ? ??

Did I hallucinate?

Disgusting engine sound + phantom motor sound, I thought I wasn’t driving Mercedes. . .

And the actual dynamic performance is similar to the parameters. Secretly carrying the young lady to try the floor oil, you have to say that the first paragraph is a little bit better, and then the middle and rear sections are basically “snarling”.

Switching to the S + mode does have a much better throttle response in the front section, but the same problem remains in the middle and rear sections.

The operation was fierce, and the speed was eighty-five.

Later, I watched the online measurement of 0-100 results: 8.5 seconds. It is slower than the old C200, not to mention the previous C260L, which is not a segment at all.

Therefore, the 19-model C260L has reduced the displacement and added a motor, and has not gotten a better driving experience- at the same time, he has to sell nearly 350,000? ??

Isn’t it fragrant to buy two carriages next door? The entry was given 2.0T, and the mechanical quality is higher than that of Mercedes-Benz!

(The price of the new 3 series is slightly higher … bite your teeth!)

The attitude of the younger sister in the interior style can explain everything. One of them is really good-looking. It is said that many car owners didn’t drive much, just looking at the exterior and interior, they directly placed orders. . .

Now all car companies are playing matryoshka, but Brother K feels that Benz’s matryoshka is the most successful. Different from the bottom-up set of other houses, Mercedes-Benz is set from top to bottom, showing a stunning S, and then this set of design down to C, directly improve the force of C for several grades.

So when you walk on the road, you hear–

Lying down, this 7 Series and 3 Series really look like it!

How can this C-Class look like an S-Class!

This set of dolls is real NB!

Although the owner of this Mercedes-Benz is a younger sister, there are hardly any traces of female owners in the car. There are only a few red rubber bands in the place of the exterior rearview mirror–

The younger sister thought that the red rope for abandoning evil spirits was too ugly, so she replaced it with rubber bands.

Brother K asked her why she did n’t put some doll decorations on her, and her sister said:

“Because the car is a craft, its integrity is very strong, but the decoration will destroy the original beauty!”

Listen, listen to this awareness! The science girl is not the same!

What do riders think of the C260L? Welcome message discussion ~

Finally, Brother K saw a 03+ without a license in the park today.

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