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In TVS engines, Norton bikes lure potential buyers

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India’s third-largest manufacturer of motorcycles is said to be considering its options.

While the brand of Norton Motorcycles could be more than a bit tarnished right now. It is still a business with a rich and fascinating past. There is an explanation of why people have a passion for and admiration for antique Nortons. With all of this in mind, there is certainly the attraction to pick up this problematic intellectual property.

Involved parties include Norton’s biggest investor and former director Steve Murray. As we noted when following this article. According to Bloomberg, India’s third-largest motorcycle firm, TVs. So, it is also in the race.


Inside the Indian motorcycle market, TVS sits just behind second-place Honda and first-place Hero. It offers a wide range of commuting bikes. With some more luxury options from its collaboration with BMW as well. The business has recently contacted BDO on the prospect of a contract with Norton administrators. But nothing concrete has happened on that front yet.

The Kinetic relation may have been important. As part of the Norton agreement of the firm allowed it to produce and sell Norton Motorcycles in India exclusive rights. Kinetic currently manages in-country delivery of MV Agusta. With Norton, SWM, Hyosung, and Mondial motorcycles. Taking ownership of Norton Bikes sounds like an exciting. And potentially rare prospect, but it wasn’t to be.

Why didn’t they? Rights to the brand Norton Bikes will not be assured solely. There’s an extremely tangled web. So, unraveled here by Bikerglory. If Norton licensing broken down in such a piecemeal way. Why a customer would suddenly be less involved is not hard to speculate. That’s all on top of Stuart Garner’s reportedly selling off the concept. And tooling rights of the 961 only before its management.

If the concept and tooling for the 961 are off the table. And if there is still no exclusive license of the Norton Motorcycles brand.

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