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Infiniti- next three years announced!!!


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In the next three years , we know, What Infiniti is going to do! Yes, you got it right. But no to anyone who says we are astrologer. Just in case! We don’t know why , but Infiniti has made it clear for the next three years. Too early a step hard!! And the numbers are going to be five. Five models coming up from Infiniti for the next three years.

A Surging!!!

The first of Infiniti is going to be a coupe type thing like the QX50 crossover and its coming next summer. The dealership in the hands of US and the QX55 is going to be a hedge of expectations. Powered by the same 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine like the one of QX50 and will feature a sloping roofline. And this will be from the first gen FX performance crossover. It will be for the utility like customers and has a bit of sport in it. But it must be for the singles or pre family as it comprises space for a bit of style.

Next in the queue will be redesign of QX60 crossover and the best selling still for Infiniti. The power train is the gas here with large grille and dual 12.3 screen and a two tone roof. Its style is going to be dramatic one and will be more like an SUV. This is what you hear Eric from company speak. Just, look at the 10 percent decreased sales for the Automaker this October.

Electrified Future for Infiniti!!

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Next decade , a new lineup is to be on focus. Three electrified vehicles are on preparation mode from Infiniti. And, they may be a crossover and two from Sedan. So, they are going under as planned from two powertrain and one platform electric vehicle strategy. It may also roll out some on the QX50 VC turbo engine to power a battery driving thing for two electric motors. This came from the Detroit auto show straight. Similarly, Infiniti may also work on the Nissan’s e- Power serial hybrid technology and gasoline engine.

The first three will be e-power Infiniti thing  based on Q Inspiration and the second flagship coming later.

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