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Is Hopper alive and will David Harbour return as Hopper? Release date, plot and cast of Stranger Things, Season 4

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Stranger Things is a horror sci-fiction, historical drama. Till now, 3 seasons have been aired by Netflix.

Both seasons 1 and 3 have eight episodes each whereas season 2 has nine episodes. The length of each episode ranges between 42 minutes to 77 minutes. The show premiered on 16th July 2016. The 2nd season was released on 27th October 2017 and 3rd season on 4th July 2019.

The 1st season was given a 97% rating by rotten tomatoes. Subsequently, season 2 and 3 received 94% and 89% rotten tomatoes rating respectively. The prime rating for the 1st season proves that this show is worth watching.

The show was enjoyed by the audience and the critics loved it.


Many of our favorite cast members will return in the fourth season. We will see Winona Ryder as the worried mom who is loved by everyone. Further, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Noah Schnapp (Will), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Sadie Sink (Max) will most probably return. Moreover, we can also expect the return of Priah Ferguson (Erica), Maya Hawke (Robin), Brett Gelman (Murray), and Cara Buono (Karen Wheeler).

Chief Hopper has been seen to be working in Russia on a snowfield in the teaser of season 4 which proves that we’ll see David Harbour return with the said role. Thus, the speculations of him being dead in the last season have been proved wrong.
At the end of season 3, Billy was killed by the Mind-Flayer, therefore Dacre Montgomery (Billy) will not be returning.


The teaser has revealed that upside down will remain the backdrop of season 4 as well.
Further, Eleven lost her powers at the end of season 3 due to which she could not move anything with her mind. Thus the new season will concentrate on if she will ever get her powers back and how. With the huge threat posed by the upside-down, it can be suspected that El will regain her powers back soon and be successful in locating Hopper.

The original Gang split at the end of season 3 with Joyce Byers moving out of Hawkins along with Will and Eleven leaving behind Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max. This will be a test for Eleven and Mike’s relationship.

Furthermore, the Russians still possess the Demogorgon but the question which remains persistent is how did they get it and will they weaponize it? Another speculation is that Dr. Brenner who is still alive could have contributed to the same. Thus, how the Russians are going to use the Demogorgon and the Americans in their team is suspense.

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