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Is the engine going behind the driver for the next Jaguar F-types?

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The standards have always been high for the winners of the game. It has been a necessity. Experiment, and if you are lucky enough, you grab the attention.

The challenges out there in the market have made it a tough choice for the customers to pick the F-type amidst the other cars. It is better to adopt a similar plan as the C8 Chevrolet Corvette route, and choosing a midengined layout it does comes in the Jaguar C-X75 concept of Autocars.


The C-X75 has been since the 2010 Paris Auto show, and its features include a peculiar powertrain, two diesel-fuelled gas turbines producing electric power for motors for each of the wheels. It gives a combined HP of 778. It was utterly a fancy thing as none of the production aw a mid-ship in the car, primarily fuelled by the diesel.

Though, the automakers have come up with the plan to embrace the battery-electric technology. It seems like an I-Pace crossover in the meantime. Despite this, I am compelled to say that the design of the C-X75 concept altogether, with its layout, was modern art and a prompting one. Thus, there are still options left for the Jaguar to decide with the next route to the F-Type.

Along with this, we heard Former Jaguar Design Head Ian Callum spread his word that he had envisioned a next-gen sports car in the mold of C-X75. He said that they were close to the concept of C-X75, and there’s still a formula within the Jaguar for the first mid-engine cars. He is very fascinated and attracted to the mid-engine designs and would be delighted to see a one from the Jaguar. Callum hinted that they could make a T or an H shaped battery for the sports electric car and put it in the middle.

It was found that there were two options put into consideration for the next F-Type. One was to be the short nose, electric type midengined thing, The following would be a front-mounted internal combustion engine, using a hybrid V-8 engine.
Overall, with the changing tastes of the market, the Jaguar has to replace the powertrain of the F-type with an EV of I-Pace as a starting point for sure.

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