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Is the Tesla Model 3 expensive to maintain?

Tesla’s are so different from other cars and electric cars. There are so many features that not a lot of people know about it because they are hidden in the car central 15-inch touch screen.

Tesla Model 3 has three keys:

  1. Tesla key card: When you want to unlock or lock the car, swipe it on the b-pillar.
  2. Phone: You can set up to have your phone as a key in the Tesla mobile app. The phone setup acts as a key when you walk to the car, and it’ll unlock. When you want to leave the car, walk about five feet away, and it’ll lock automatically. You can go to the app, lock, and unlock too. You can also do some other features like opening the trunk or use Smart Summon, which brings the car to you.
  3. Actual Tesla key fob which is shaped like a little tesla model 3.

No Ignition:

You don’t turn on the car. Press the brake pedal, push the right stalk on the steering column, it goes up for reverse and down for drive, and then you’re off. To engage neutral, gently push up to the first stopping point on the right stalk for about two seconds. When you’re done driving, put the car in a park by pushing the button on the side of the right trunk.


To adjust the steering wheel and mirrors, touch the front-facing car icon at the bottom left of the central touchscreen. Make sure you’re under Quick Controls. You can adjust the steering wheel and mirrors via the two buttons and spin wheels on the steering wheel. Here, you can also turn the lights on or off, fold the mirrors inward, lock the windows, and adjust the screen’s brightness. 

Self-driving option:

In a car equipped with the Full Self Driving option, Autopilot can change lanes. Hit the blinker, and the car will switch lanes for you. If there’s a vehicle in the way, the exterior cameras will detect it and wait for the way to be precise.

Charging Tesla Model 3:

On the road, Teslas can be charged at 1870 Supercharger stations across the world. They either provide 150 or 250 kW of electric power, and there are also public chargers that supply 72 kW of power. A local electrician who has been trained to install Tesla charging equipment can be found to fix the wall connector either indoors or out.

Tesla Model 3 performance can do 60mph in 3.5 seconds and is the best deal in the automotive world. 


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