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Japan Sinks 2020: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Major Updates!

A new animated series is coming our way known as japan Sinks 2020′; the narrative revolves around a natural catastrophe that occurs in Japan since it sinks underwater, the series will likely be arriving into Netflix as a Netflix first it reveals the story of a family caught in the center of the tragedy.

Japan Sinks 2020: Release Date

Japan Sinks 2020 is set for caught on July 9 on Netflix so prepare with snacks since it’s going to be one hell of a ride, this animated series, unlike most of the others, aren’t based on a Manga, making it even more distinctive.

Sakyo Komatsu bases on a 1973 book japan Sinks 2020, this publication is a popular one in Japan showcasing the fact of a catastrophe in a lot of awards and is a famous model.

Japan Sinks 2020: Cast

Here’s a listing of cast members for Japan Sinks 2020:

  • Hiroyuki Yoshino as Haruki Koga
  • Nanako Mori as Nami Miura
  • Kensho Ono as Kaito Umeji
  • Sasaki as Kunio Ashida

Japan’s 1973 tragedy was shown with a spin of anime, and we will recommend the series to the fans, including ten episodes.

Japan Sinks 2020: Plot and Trailer

The anime at the trailer appears lifelike, and it’s an indication that the series will be fantastic, the trailer depicts the seriousness, and people endured to make it.

Here’s the trailer for the fans who may have missed this!



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