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Jawa stood in limelight with its controversial deliveries


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Jawa came to the limelight with its confusional delivery system. This story is going viral on social media. The Jawa customer has booked a Jawa 42 which had arrived a lot earlier than the expected date.

The story starts with Saurabh Yadav who had booked the Jawa 42 in May 2019 and it is delivered in October which is much earlier than the expected date. He also said that the bike produced is with a dual-channel ABS while he booked for a single-channel ABS.

The Jawa has responded by saying that all these comments are created and not genuine any more. Jawa also said that creating panic and confusion among customers is the agenda of these posts. To avoid further controversies, Jawa has canceled the booking.

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People got indulged in this topic when another customer has posted that a dealer called for delivery, which is to be delivered on April 2019.

The comments from Jawa has further raised many questions for the customers. The people started to point out the issues on social media. Jawa said that critics are only due to delay in deliveries of Jawa motorcycles and if the deliveries were on time, there wouldn’t have been such issues about alleged fake posts.

This issue made the people think twice about Jawa bikes. Jawa had previously faced urges with the same issues. The users have been worry about their delivery time. The company stated this is just with the dealers, So it would be nullified. But the problem persists on…, As a result, the users started to perish over the upcoming Jawa bikes.

A few months back, there is another story showing all the rusted parts in his Jawa motorcycle. As the story was real, this issue is fixed by resolving the concerned Jawa dealership.

Jawa has planned to launch Jawa Perak which has unique features when compared with it’s Jawa cousins. The Jawa being the prestigious company has received a negative impact from all these present scenarios

.These delivery controversies have deployed the fame of Jawa. It’s time to check out these issues with a proper fix for the vast outputs.

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