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Jimny Maruti Suzuki review

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In India, we foresee a starting price of Rs 10 lakh. And at that size, there is nothing that can affect Maruti’s Jimny for his off-road potential or the looks.

Recall the Gypsy? Problem is, we’ve always forgotten about it! Although Security forces or the Army use the Gypsy seen on the streets today, at one point it was the flagship SUV.

Nevertheless, the production for the Gypsy has been suspended for more than 30 years. And you can no longer purchase it. It is strange considering that India’s love affair. So, the SUV has only been rising today.

Moreover, it’s strange that India never had the previous Gypsy generation. Who sold the planet as ‘Jimny.’ That all changed when last year’s new generation Jimny turned up to the world. It was older and more advanced. So it met the higher requirements while had all the latest technology that new vehicles are supposed to have.

So the Jimny finally saw at the Auto Expo to get public opinion. With a lot of attention for the car generated by media. And the message was loud and clear that there will be a lot of takers for this SUV. And the hype was really high- it was one of the show’s stars in reality!

The positive news is however that Maruti will carry this SUV in next year and market it through the distribution channels of Nexa. This will be a luxury SUV lifestyle and a kind of flagship. But how good is the latest Jimny under its beautiful personality? We raced to figure out what the vehicle was.

That surprises you first is how tiny the Jimny really looks. Indeed, the Jimny is probably the world’s smallest SUV. What’s odd is that the current Jimny is slightly thinner, and is significantly shorter than the Ignis at a length of 3.5 m plus. It does makeup with presence and information, but what it loses in duration.

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