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Kia to make micro electric vehicles

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Commutation is always a headache, especially in metropolitan cities, The people banging horns and cutting their wheels anywhere. Everybody wants to have their own vehicle to travel. Comfort has become the first priority. And maybe Kia has a solution to this. Kia will take advantage of a shift away from public transport with a new, all-electric small car set to rival Citreon’s Ami.

The announcements that have surfaced have no details about the designs or the powertrains. But the vehicle could look like this as per Kia.

Kia Motors Europe COO Emilio Herrera said: “People want to feel safe today. We saw that very clearly from a survey that was done after coronavirus in China, which showed people had moved from public transportation to private transportation.

“That was very clear – 34 percent of private use before the crisis to 65 percent. So 65 percent of people in China would choose their private car. The reason is that they feel safe in their car and they feel unsafe in public transportation. I think if people had a choice in London, they’d choose to drive their own car.”

The micro vehicle that Kia is planning to build will be useful to urban areas. Herrera added, “ Our project is looking at what we call L6 and L7 cars in the sector, the type of cars such as the Ami.” Earlier this year, Hyundai also announced a collaboration with Los Angeles-based EV maker Canoo to co-develop a small electric vehicle platform for autonomous and urban EVs. So all we can do is wait for this to happen. What are your views about micro-vehicles??

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