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Know About Dirty Money Season 2 Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Much More !!!

The epic show dealing with genres like scandal, financial malfeasance and corruption in the world of business, Dirty Money is going to bring its second season on the streaming service. The first season of the series was one of the popular shows of Netflix. Creator of the series is the none other than the one with an exceptional mind, the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney. And even the series is a quite investigatory documentary. The show introduces us to financial corruption that takes place in the business world.

The previous season of the series showed us some intense scandals with a lot of controversies. It even showed the money laundering by HSBC regarding the Sinaloa Cartel, Hezbollah. This time also the show will bring six new episodes for us. As usual, these episodes will be a whole new story of scandal, corruption and financial malfeasance. The main focus of the upcoming episodes will be on Bank Scandals, toxic plastics, real estate schemes and other dangerous things happening in the world that’ll harm the citizens.

All about the release date

Dirty Money season 2 is already available on the streaming service. It premiered on 11th March 2020. The first season is also available on Netflix.


The show is a documentary based on real stories. Thus there’s a surprise for the fans. You will also get to watch interviews with some celebrities. Even the previous season showed some high profile stars and famous faces. Donald Trump, for instance. It also had Hilary Clinton, Alberto Ayala, Stuart Johnson, Martin Shkreli and several other famous faces. Thus, even season two is expected to bring some similar interviews or pre-recorded videos.

Is there a trailer for Dirty Money season 2…?

Yes, the trailer released a few days before the show landed on the streaming service. You can watch it on Netflix or YouTube.


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