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Know These Things How Electric Vehicles are Better Than Petrol And Diesel !!!

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Benefits of Electric Vehicles: Continuation of electric vehicles is going on in India, during this epidemic, both the state and central government are making people aware in their way, but despite millions of efforts, people are avoiding EVs Huh. There are many reasons behind this. Well, bypassing these reasons, we tell you how electric vehicles are better than petrol and diesel.

1. The government is providing many benefits to those who buy electric vehicles, in which discounts and subsidies are playing a major role. That is, if you buy an EV in Delhi, the subsidy received by the Delhi government will affect the price of your vehicle from 1 to 2 lakh rupees.

2. Also, if you aim to save the environment, you can still switch to EV. By using electric vehicles, you will not only reduce your daily cost but will also help in keeping the environment clean and tidy.

3. If you switch to EV, maintenance is much less than petrol and diesel vehicles. At the same time, there is no need to worry about fuel prices again and again. You can easily charge electric vehicles at your home, whose charging cost is much lower than the current fuel prices.

Why People Are Not Trusting EVs: Actually, driving and using EVs is quite simple, but the lack of a charging station in the country can leave you with no option in the middle with your vehicle. The second important reason is that people in India follow each other, even today, people in our country give more importance to people’s opinion and choice rather than buying vehicles from their understanding. The Delhi government is not alone in EVs. Nearly two years ago, in the Union Budget, the Center announced a tax exemption on the interest of up to Rs 1.5 lakh for people who buy electric vehicles under Section 80 EEB of the Income Tax Act.

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