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Lamborghini CEO taps record sales rise.

Lamborghini CEO taps record sales rise.


Lamborghini is on way to the global sales records for the ninth consecutive year. And for 2020, the volume of profit is going to get stabilized at less than 8.

They are also looking to preserve the brand’s exclusivity and protect their resale values. And to push their sales, the Volkswagen requires a fourth model, and this isn’t due before 2025.

We got a bit of a discussion with Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali over this issue.

Talking about the decision of the Volkswagen Group over an IPO or divestiture of Lamborghini, he directed to the shareholders and the VW Group supervisory board.

All he could say was that the team has done a good job and that what makes that interesting.

Talking of the biggest achievements of the company, last year, the sales were increased sales by 51 percent and revenue by 40 percent.

And this year, the company is again all set to go for new records for sales about 8200 units and revenue as well.

Also, there has been a significant increase in the reorganization and appreciation of the brand.

Just as an example, there was a customer this year who was willing to pay 25000 euros more than the listed price to get immediate delivery of the product on the car. Seems fascinating!!
The New Year Plan is to get HIGH!!
Then to the URUs waiting time, that gives a great headache, They are in the nine months and it is best for a high-end SUV.

And it is a trend of year time for an S version Aventador as the Aventador SVJ has been already sold. It takes six months to go for a Huracan.

But now, a new trend has been in the Far East and the Middle East, California, that the customers want to buy the car they see in the showrooms.

Properly managing dealers inventory in a lineup is a very delicate business. And here, more than 70 percent are repeat customers with 45 to 55 years of age. Urus is going to cover 55 percent of sales for the next year.

So, it is going to be more than an average year for the well-planned company. there is more to be heard here and so, keep tuned and keep yourself updated with us. Thank you!!


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