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Lamborghini SCV12 is the Italian track-only hyper car.

Lamborghini just presented the world, a perfect roadster, a piece of a robust hybrid vehicle, the Sian Roadster. It’s topless Sian FKP 37, retains the edgy and cuts as the hardtop coupe. But Lamborghini is silent on its track weapon, let’s see what it was…

A track-only hyper SCV12 was spotted weeks ago, and our writers were too deep in their sleep. It claimed to be Lamborghini’s most powerful naturally aspirated vehicle. The hypercar was covered with orange wrapping paper. Earlier, the July 8 launch was thought to be the welcoming party of the new SCV12, but eventually, Lamborghini gifted the world, Sian Roadster.

The SCV12 features a naturally aspirated V12 that produces 619 kW of max power and had aerodynamic supercharging. A specially-designed, roof-mounted intake scoop creates a ram-air effect, forcing air into the engine at increased pressure. The Powerful engine was mated with a 6-speed transmission, used as a structural element of the chassis, with the rear suspension mounted to it.

The track car, SCV12 wore slick Pirelli race tires fitted to magnesium wheels measuring 19-inches in the front and 20-inches in the rear. The chassis is moulded using carbon-fibre. The eye-candy were large front wind-splitter, lateral flicks, and vertical fins, and a carbon-fibre rear spoiler, that stuck the SCV12 to the ground.


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Rishabh Chugh
Rishabh Chugh
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