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Launched in Japan, Matte Blue Yamaha NMax 125 cc maxi-scooter

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In Japan, a Matte Blue Yamaha NMax introduced. The new color choice is part of the MY2020 update for the Yamaha NMax 125 cc maxi-scooter.

The 2020 Yamaha NMax 125 looks very sporty in the new Matte Blue paint when paired. With the blacked-out parts like the floorboard, windscreen, exhaust, and alloy wheels. It expected to appeal to several potential customers. Yamaha has brought two MY2019 paint options: Matte Grey Metallic and Silver Metallic. The choice to color Vibrant Purplish Blue Cocktail so discontinued.

So, the Yamaha NMax 125 remains the same apart from the new color selection. Its sporty and rugged style features headlamp LED and taillight LED. It is 765 mm in seat height and weighs 127 kg. So, a wireless instrument cluster is oval. The braking system features disk brakes with dual-channel ABS on both sides.

The 2020 Yamaha NMax 125 is powered by a liquid-cooled 124 cc single-cylinder engine which is fitted with a fuel injection system. This powerplant comes with Blue Core technology from Yamaha for better fuel economy and improved performance. It provides the power of 12 PS, and torque of 12 Nm. So, the NMax 125 can produce a 43.6 km / l (WMTC) fuel capacity.

The next Yamaha NMax 125 is set to go on sale in Japan on April 25, 2020. Yamaha pays nothing extra for the new color choice in Matte Blue. So, the maxi-scooter from MY2020 has the same price tag as the one from MY2019-JPY 325,000 (INR 2.30 lakh). Yamaha plans to sell a total of 2,200 New NMax 125 units annually in Japan. So, in Indonesia, the company produces this type.

Yamaha TMax 560 maxi-scooter revealed, to launch on 8 May

The Yamaha TMax 560, the successor of the Yamaha TMax 530, to Euro 5, publicly announced. It has two variants and so will launch on 8 May 2020 internationally.
The TMax 560 is similar in size to the TMax 530. However, the new sports scooter is facing some visual variations. The Yamaha TMax 560’s front-side turn signals are very small and feature LEDs. The headlight has the same design but has 4 LEDs.

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