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Light truck Drive Toyota, Honda Hyundai gains

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Light truck Drive Toyota, Honda Hyundai gains


The light truck demand rose last month. And Toyota Motor Corp. Honda Motor Co. and Hyundai posted higher US sales for the last month November pertaining to the same records of stronger demands of light trucks.

These signals the automobile industry for heading into December. What we could tell about future is December being the key for the month for volume sales and it will be best with renewed momentum after the fall in the October pause.

The reports from Tata motors suggest an increment of 9.2 percent sales from the previous 8.4 with a record of 177764. Out of these, 14 percent came from Lexus.

Overall, the Toyota Motors light truck deliveries rose to 11 percent while car demands rose to 6.2 percent. And these make up for the 15 months sales rise out of the last 16 months. A expanded crossover and retail deliveries coming through Hyundai.

The Figures and Reasons!!

Hyundai gave it as gains from last month sales coming though four core crossovers, Santa Fe, Tucson, Kona and the new upgraded demands for the Palisade crossover.

The sales went up to 21 p[percent after Octobers. The entry level Venue crossover made its showroom debut with 290 deliveries in the past month.  The fleet shipments for Hyundai fell 33 percent and got down to 15 percent. Though there are forecast for an increase in industry sales.

Talking of the other non US automakers , they might or are going to upload their November sales result later. We also mentioned earlier in one of our articles and again doing the same for the new readers that General Motors, ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles report US sales result on a quarterly basin.

Tesla releases global deliveries once a quarter. Talking of the Cox Automobiles , they expect deliveries to drop slightly though there may be some gains if there are fleet sales upcoming their harbour.

So, stay tuned for more upcoming news of the months and keep yourself up to date. And we are the best for it.

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