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Log Horizon season 3: know the plot, cast and release date of the new season..!!!

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Log horizon is a Japanese sci-fi action anime series. It is adapted from the novel of same name by Mamare Touno. It was first premiered on NHK Educational TV. The series has till now completed its 2 seasons and is set to be renewed for a season 3. Season 1 of Log Horizon was first aired on October 5th 2013 to March 22nd 2014 with 25 episodes and season 2 was aired on October 4, 2014 till March 28, 2015 with 25 episodes again. The series received a rating of 7.7/10 from IMDb and 8.6/10 from TV.com. The genres involved in the series are action, animation, adventure, science fiction and television comedy.

Log Horizon season 3 cast

The characters from the previous season will be returning for the season 3 of Log Horizon. The cast includes Shiroe (Takuma Terashima), Naotsugu (Tomoaki Maeno), Akatsuki (Emiri Katō), Nyanta (Jouji Nakata), Tōya (Daiki Yamashita), Minori (Nao Tamura), Isuzu (Eriko Matsui), Lundellhaus (Tetsuya Kakihara) and Tetra (Yukiyo Fujii). New and fresh characters can also be seen in the upcoming season but till now the news has not been confirmed.

Log Horizon season 3 plot

The plotting if the season 3 will be continued after the instances left in the season 2 of the show. In the ending of season 2 we saw that Shiroe is socially fearful and if he wants to survive in a world of monsters he has to be socially strong. In the new season we will get to see the entry of a new monster Tenwazawai. As of now no details about the plot of Log horizon season 3 has been in news but it is known that the instances will be adapted from the 12th volume of the novel series of the same name.

Log Horizon season 3 release date

The renewal of Log horizon season 3 has been confirmed but till now there is no confirmation to the official release date. The tittle of Log horizon season 3 is Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table. The plot of the season is inspired from the volume 12 of the series novel. Due to the outbreak of corona virus pandemic we don’t have a confirm news about the release of the season. Although the season 3 is expected to be out by October 2020. Stay updated with us for more details.

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