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Lucifer Season 5: Is this the Finale Season?

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Lucifer is an American series that premiered on FOX in January 2016. The first season received not so god ratings due to mixed review. After the release of 3 seasons, Fox canceled the Lucifer. All fans were hurt by the decision but then just after a month new excitement generated among them. Netflix took up the series and released the fourth sequel in the row. Season 5 production is stopped due to the corona crisis. But a big question to look upon here is whether the season will be the finale end or more seasons are yet to come?

Finale Of Lucifer

The sources have earlier reported that season 5 will be the Finale end to the Lucifer series. Modrovich on Twitter released a letter a few months back stating that this season will be fifth and last in the row. The fans need time to accept this and hence the news of being the finale season is revealed early looking at the immense love of the fans for the series. 

But in March 2020, Tom Ellis along with other stars signed an agreement for season 6 which will be produced by Netflix. It raised more doubts among the audience on the making of season 6 of the series.

Release date of season 5 Lucifer

Fans are waiting for the fifth season eagerly. But due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the production of the series is on halt. It was earlier confirmed by the unit that they had wrapped up by February 2020, but the production part was left. 

We can expect it to release as soon as things become normal after the current crisis.

The exciting thing for the viewers this season

Every season of Lucifer is a full packed entertainment source with its power pack and long(35-40 min) episodes which keeps people engaging. This season might consist of 16 episodes in all and each episode will be of long duration(50-60 min) than before.

So just keep calm as very soon your loved series fifth season is on its way. A big reason to watch this season is that it might be the last season.

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