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Lucifer Season 6: Ian Somerhalder Going To Replace Tom Ellis?? Why, Read Here!

Lucifer Season 5 hasn’t yet been premiered after Netflix had announced its Sixth season’s Renewed also, but the lovers are producing rumors for the sixth time. The stories were that Somerhalder substitutes Tom Ellis for Season 6 is there is any reality in this rumor let us find out.

Is Tom Ellis Not A Part Of Season 6

As this news is fake, this wouldn’t be fulfilled. Netflix also canceled Somerhalder’s final Netflix series named V-Wars. On the last of May 2020, it had been announced that Tom Ellis is part of its Season 6.

Lucifer Season 6: Rumors

Tom Ellis had Renewed the contract with the Creators in March, but the negotiation issue was arising as they were taking time to fix the problem, and because of this, the news was spread. However, those issues were also resolved, and it was stated that both Somerhalder and Tom Ellis have been at the Lucifer Season Sixth.

Meanwhile, Lucifer Season 5 doesn’t have a release date yet, and also, the fans want to know that when it is the sixth season is going to come also its fifth season was discontinued from shooting when they had left with only four days to complete its shoot. Still, due to Coronavirus, it’s 5th season is now postponed.

It is supposed that its season will be premiered and ready to shoot, and the shoot completes. We can anticipate it’s 5th season to come in the month of 2020


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