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Lucifer Season 6: The Good News Keeps Coming For Lucifer Fans, As Db Woodside Has Confirmed

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As DB Woodside has confirmed he will return for the season of this series, the good news keeps coming for Lucifer lovers.

The good news keeps coming for Lucifer lovers, as DB Woodside verified he would return for the sixth and final season of this show. The angel Amenadiel, his character, has been among the most crucial areas of the series, serving as Lucifer brother and filtering to bring his brother back into Hell in one way or another. His return to the series comes with another exciting development for the celebrity.

For the longest time, fans of Lucifer believed the upcoming fifth season of this show would be the last. From the end of May, however, it appeared string star Tom Ellis was gearing up for another run at playing with the titular character. The end of the subsequent month, the show officially renewed for a sixth time. To that cast members will endure season 5, Among the lingering questions about season 6 pertains.

Lucifer Season 6

It appears like Woodside is. The celebrity took to Twitter to announce his return to the function of Amenadiel a part he’s played at 2015 because of the show’s pilot Fox, for the previous season. Woodside also announced he would be stepping behind the camera, directing among the year’s episodes. Lucifer season six particulars are still comparatively unfamiliar, but Woodside’s return guarantees Amenadiel’s narrative is not coming to an end anytime soon.

Woodside’s statement was met from lovers, as well as his fellow cast members with celebratory tweets. Aimee Garcia, who plays forensic scientist Ella Lopez, wrote, “YAY!!! Congrats @dbwofficial! Our talented angel will take the reins. Can’t wait for a buddy.” Meanwhile, Lucifer himself chimed in, tweeting about his enthusiasm to be working with Woodside once more, both.

At this point, Ellis and Woodside are the two celebrities that were only officially verified to be returning for season 6 of this show. Garcia’s tweet does appear to indicate if an episode is directed by him she’s hoping to function with Woodside. There’ll undoubtedly be lots more who join them, but because the first half of season hasn’t even aired yet (it is coming to Netflix on August 21), it’s not clear if each of the show’s characters will survive to the last season. It’s a sign the brothers will remain until the end of the road. With any luck – and with Kelly Clarkson’s pleas, possibly – the rest of the original cast will return to provide Lucifer with a fitting ending.

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