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Magma Ram: The Pickup Truck We Need

The future Magma ram truck is described as bold, futurist, and sculpted. This has been portrayed on the basis of what we could get from the latest rendering from the American company. The design in their gallery was not one penned by one of the hired FCA designers. These designs are the work of three high school students. They are the winning projects. They were submitted as part of the Drive for a design competition.

This competition is an initiative from the FCA. It has been there for the past eight years. It is under the leadership of the company’s lead designer, Mark trestle. The competition aims at involving students in the automotive design with FCA’s various brands at the center of such projects. Last year, it was on the focus of Alfa Romeo.

This year’s competition was launched in February, and it had Ram on focus. The students had to imagine and design for the said badge truck and its future looks. There was no mention on the number of submissions, but the winners were announced on 8th May. The overall winner was a Santa Clara student. The other two are an electric Ram and the Ram 1500 Series A.

The works were impressive and remarkable. There was a lot of focus and attention paid to the smallest details. There was also a lot of creativity in the field. This competition marks automotive design as a growing field for participating. There is a change in perspective and goals. This is a next-level inspiration. This will help new development in careers for the new generation students.

The company is trying to look out for the students they could hire for their company and employ as full-time workers. No doubt, these fresh minds will give a head start and boost its sales and design. This will help the market to keep up with the generations.


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