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Mahindra Racing and Automobili Pininfarina work together to bring race track technology onto the road

Mahindra Racing and Automobili Pininfarina have announced: That their partnership will be strengthened and that they will commit to developing new technologies to advance the world of high-performance mobility.

The two companies will work together on the transfer of principles and technologies for motorsport from the race track to the road. To allow the Automobili Pininfarina to produce the world’s most sustainable and luxurious electric vehicles.

Pininfarina Automobile, owned by Mahindra & Mahindra.

It officially launched at the Rome E-Prix in April 2018. Laying the foundations for this. So, the connection between the world’s premier single-seater electric racing series and the world’s newest electric luxury car company.

For every wheel, the Battista has a separate motor.

Collectively, that will deliver up to 1900bhp and 1696 lb-ft. Pininfarina claims that it is good enough for a sub-2sec pace, 0-100kph, 0-186mph/0-305kph in less than 12sec. A top speed of about 217mph/355kph.

Street and hike:

Technology sharing between the two companies will cover programs.

So, the components include modeling and use of electricity, composites, powertrain and refrigeration systems.

They will also share resources in areas including wind tunnel work, suppliers and staff. So, it include the Formula E race drivers from Mahindra Racing. This in addition to the work already done by former driver Nick Heidfeld who is now the Automobili Pininfarina Development Driver.

Mahindra Racing is a team created. So, the only Indian team -the world’s first all-electric street racing series to compete in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Mahindra Racing has an imposing statistics sheet.

It is a multi-race winning outfit after scoring her 2017 Berlin E-Prix breakthrough victory. The team committed not only to push the limits of electric vehicle space technology and innovation. But also to mitigate the impact of climate change.

It is the only Formula E team that receives a two-star FIA Environmental Accreditation rating.


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