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Manifest Season 2 Release Date On NBC Platform and Know Everything

Jeff Rake’s Manifest is finally ready to conquer the hearts of millions of its fans once again. The Creator’s approval regarding the show’s renewal has brought a feeling of satisfaction to the fans.

Manifest Season 2

As mentioned above, the story-line of the series is about a flight that goes astray. The trip, which is up in the lead, is known as Montego Air Flight 828. This flight experiences uneven and rough air currents. Due to this, it stays up in the air for about an exact estimate of five and a half years. This duration is long enough to declare the flight crashed and passengers dead. However, after this duration, the plane ends up returning along with its traveler’s life.

After returning, these people experience the changes in behavior that their beloved ones have towards them. The narrative becomes additionally attractive with the powers these passengers obtain. These powers help them in foretelling the events that are going to happen. This ability is conferred to them by the directing voices that could only be heard by them.

Renewal of season 2

The NBC platform has done the renewal of the first season in April 2019. However, its premiere happened recently in January 2020. Fortunately, the creators have shown a green light towards renewing the series for another hit season. The previous season had a set of thirteen episodes. Hence, we could anticipate the upcoming season to possess the same number of events.

Release Date of season 2

Only the renewal of the series has been announced. The filming of the new season has not been started yet. Hence, guessing on the release dates is a difficult task. However, once the creators give the word on completion of their filming, we could come up with the release dates.    


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