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Megalo Box Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast And Everything Else Latest Update

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Megalo Box is a Japanese anime boxing series written by Chikara Sakuma, and the manufacturer is TMS entertainment. Megalo box period is released in 2018 and creates a great impression in the audience’s mind.

Megalo Box Season 2

Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date:

TMS amusement has only declared that season 2 is in production, but the final date isn’t announced yet. In one of a meeting director, Ya Moriyama has stated that”I know that there is a good deal of love regarding Megalo box and I am pleased to say that Megalo box two is at the development stage and we certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint enthusiasts, I am very much looking forward to it.”

Megalo Box Season 2: Plot

Series gives a view of two divided classes. Where taxpayers with license live in a wealthy city, and unlicensed citizens reside outside the city

At this time boxing game, the Megalo box becomes popular. The principal point where Megalo box differs from boxing is that in Megalo box, fighters use metal frames and mechanical components like gears to improve speed and power and create the dangerous sport one.

Junk day gifted young boxer struggles in an illegal fighting circuit because his trainer Ganasaku Nanbu never understands his ability. The turning point comes when he decides to fight against bodyguard Yuri of man Yukiko. Yuri beat in one round junk dog. He also struggles with junk puppies fighting and qualifying the Megalonia championship when Yuri understands that Junk puppy is in the wrestling circuit.

Megalo Box Season 2: Cast

Junk Dog by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Nagasaki Nanbu by Shiro Saito
Sachio by Michiyo Murase
Yuri by Hiroki Yasumoto
Yukiko Shirato by Nanako Mori
Fujimaki by Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Tatsumi Leonard by Makoto Tamura
Miyagi by Yohei Tadano
Mikio Shirato by Tatsuhisa

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