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Mercedes-Benz A-Class – The SUV You Want

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The new Mercedes Benz incorporates the cues and designs from its predecessors and setting itself in the affordable range of Mercedes. It is a perfect blend of performance and economy class design for newbies. But beware. Thousands of these Mk3 A-class vehicles used in the car market. There is also a backdrop which could make you stop and question yourself- should I go for the 2013 reg A180 CDI SE or even A180d, which also come in the same range of around £6000.

Under the Hood

The engines come in 1.5 to 2.1 L variants in both diesel and petrol versions. Comparing the two versions, the petrol engines are the smoother and quieter ones while the diesel are noisy but efficient. As a standard design, they come with a manual gearbox, but the quick-changing dual-clutch auto (DCT) is definitely a on-the look version too.

Inside and Out

The 2015 facelift comes with a diamond-pattern grille, restyled bumpers and integrated exhaust pipes. When it comes to quality, pre-facelift cars haven’t lived up to Merc’s reputation, with the interiors rattling being a recurring theme. For the alloy steel wheels, comfort suspension, sports seats and artificial leather, SE is one of the best options.


When it comes to being in the mid-range budget cars, these cars good valued since Mercedes reckoned it had donated extra kit worth £1100 for a price of just £350. Across the range, phone integration was improved so that users have a better experience. Diesel A-Classes have outnumbered petrol versions by around two to one, being cost-effective too.

Things to Consider

Before considering to buy the A-Class models, one must check for interior rattles, specially coming from the consoles and in the earlier models from the front seatbelt height adjusters. The 2015 version comes with more powerful engines, with a wide range of driving suspension models called Eco, Comfort, Sort and Individual.

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