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Money Heist Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Cancelled? What Is Known About Its Arrival?

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MONEY HEIST season five could see a very sudden return from Berlin despite enthusiasts appearing to see him shot to death in the season two finale. Berlin has made an appearance in the third and fourth series however a hint hints it will be revealed to be living once La Casa De Papel returns.

Berlin (played by Pedro Alonso) is a much-loved character amongst Cash Heist lovers despite his despicable conduct. He torturing hostages too and murdered members of their police force, also, to also raped a hostage. But, fans have dropped for Berlin’s side which was shown in seasons four and three. Could he be going to make a shock return?

Berlin was shot several times many times by authorities as he helped the gang escape the Royal Mint of Spain.

Netflix officially revived the series in 2019 season 4, which originated on 3. Season 4 finale of Money Heist finished on a cliffhanger with The Professor amazed to watch Alicia Sierra standing beside him with a gun. And the fans are wondering what’s going to happen in season 5.

So far Netflix has not made any official announcement concerning the year. And we are hoping and anticipating the season might come soon to us at the end of 2021 if it does. Because of CORONA PANDEMIC, the production may be delayed, which will directly result in a gang’s yield and the delay of the Professor.

Money Heist Season 5


  • URSULA as Tokyo
  • ALVARO MORTE as Professor
  • ITZIAR ITUNO as Raquel Murillo
  • JAIME LORENTE as Denver
  • ESTHER ACEBO as Stockholmo
  • DARKO PENIC as Helsinki
  • ERRIQUE ARCE as Arturo Roman.

Season 4 saw NAIROBI perish and she might be seen by us through flashbacks at the upcoming season.


There have been enthusiast theories concerning Alicia Sierra and Berlin, fans have been imagining rumors that Alicia could be the wife of Berlin. So far no verification has been made to this concept from the side of manufacturers but no one expected before could become something when this theory turns real.

On the flip side, after Season 4’s cliffhanger, end fans are expecting as she is left with no options that Alicia would join the gang. She is able to get Professor detained but we knew arresting Professor isn’t anyone’s cup of tea before the Professor would like to get detained by himself.

And Season 5 also plan a heist on an international level, aside from that reports have emerged that the gang will now step outside Spain, and will be responsible for answering numerous questions involving one about Alicia Sierra. Let’s just wait and find out what happens next.

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